A purpose-built EHR at the heart of Ohio primary care delivery

Elation's easy-to-use EHR alleviates the burdens Ohio physicians face with compliance and documentation requirements. Discover an EHR that works for you and creates delight instead of anguish.


A clinical-first EHR platform for independent primary care practices to evolve, connect, and advance the craft of medicine.

Ohio physicians face unsustainable pressure to balance patient care with compliance and documentation requirements. Elation clinical workflows and tools alleviate that burden, enabling you to focus on what you do best: delivering phenomenal care to the Ohio community.

Our Founders
Kyna and Conan built an easy-to-use, intuitive EHR for their dad's primary care practice that enables, not disrupts, the craft of medicine and respects the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship. Today, Elation helps more than 23,000 active primary care clinicians start, grow, and scale thriving practices.

Learn more about the unsustainable pressures facing independent primary care today and how clinicians are alleviating these burdens.

Strengthen the patient-physician relationship at your practice.


Navigate the transition to quality programs.


Find technology that empowers sustainable care.


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Primary care physicians share their experience

Here is what other primary care physicians shared about their experience using Elation Health


Elation has cut my charting time by 70%. Everything is so efficient and intuitive. Less charting time means more time with patients.

Dr. Lisa Davidson
Insight Primary Care


It's extremely intuitive. As soon as I opened up the Elation home screen I know exactly where I need to go and what I need to do.

Dr. Ken Rictor
Scotland Family Practice

The Value of Elation Health

Advancing primary care delivery

Elation Health's clinical-first EHR is specifically tailored for the unique needs of independent primary care.

Make the most of every patient encounter

Elation's intuitive EHR lets you take back those pajama time hours for yourself and your family thanks to features like the dynamic problem list, e-ordering and e-prescribing, templated notes, and automated coding.

Monitor patients through the care cycle

Identify, track, and recall patients when they need care, then monitor and collaborate on care plans with tooling that keeps you connected.

Grow and sustain your practice

Get credit for the high quality care you deliver, and improve your bottom line with optimized and automated workflows.

Since 2010, Elation Health has been the most trusted technology platform for independent primary care. Today, 23,000 active clinicians rely on our unified clinical and financial platform to uphold the craft of medicine and thrive in an evolving healthcare landscape. 

  1. 24/7 Customer Support
  2. 1 business day to start seeing patients on Elation
  3. Helping 23,000 active clinicians care for 9.3 million patients
  4. 69,000 patients in Ohio are cared for with Elation

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