A purpose-built EHR
for Direct Primary Care

Elation's easy-to-use EHR alleviates the burdens physicians face with compliance and documentation requirements
Discover an EHR that works for you and creates delight instead of anguish.

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New Direct Primary Care Practice Checklist

Taking the decision to establish a new direct care practice is an exciting first step in your direct care journey. While transitioning toward a membership model comes with new responsibilities, it also opens the door to an innovative and exciting new way to provide care for your patients and deepen the patient-physician relationship. 

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Elation Health is the most trusted technology designed for high-value primary care built on a collaborative electronic health record (EHR) platform. The company currently serves 24,000 clinicians caring for millions of Americans. 


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The Value of Elation Health

Advancing Primary Care Delivery

Elation Health's clinical-first EHR is specifically tailored for the unique needs of independent primary care.

Make the most of every patient encounter

Elation's intuitive EHR lets you take back those pajama time hours for yourself and your family thanks to features like the dynamic problem list, e-ordering and e-prescribing, templated notes, and automated coding.

Our Founders

Kyna and Conan built an easy-to-use, intuitive EHR for their dad's primary care practice that enables, not disrupts, the craft of medicine and respects the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship.

Monitor patients through the care cycle

Identify, track, and recall patients when they need care, then monitor and collaborate on care plans with tooling that keeps you connected.

Grow and sustain your practice

Get credit for the high-quality care you deliver and improve your bottom line with optimized and automated workflows.