Food for Thought Webinar

Reducing Administrative Overhead Through a Unified Clinical-First EHR and Practice Management Solution



Technology purpose-built to support rather than disrupt phenomenal care delivery

Hear from a peer as we explore the most challenging administrative burdens physicians face today. Learn how seamless clinical EHR and financial workflows can boost operational efficiency, saving your practice time and money.

Harness the power of seamless workflows to work smarter, not harder

Discover how purpose-built administrative and clinical workflows are optimized for efficiency to streamline your operations, helping you get more done in less time.

How to choose the best EHR for your practice

Learn how to identify key EHR features that matter most to operationalizing practice clinical and administrative efficiency.

Discussion with Chad Harrington, PA, Healing Arts Family Medicine

Learn from Healing Arts Family Medicine about their practice's challenges and how they overcame them to manage clinical and financial success today.


Rod Farvard
Practice Development Manager, Elation Health


Chad Harrington
PA, Healing Arts Family Medicine